In Loving Memory

Alan Thomas Blois


Born in Waverly, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, he was a son of the late George and Zenobia (Greenlaw) Blois, and was married to the late Donalda Douglas. He was a member of the Canadian Army Services. He was a wonderful brother, uncle, and cousin and loved by all. He shall be greatly missed.
-S.H. Snell

Charles Rutherford Greenlaw (1877-1963)

In Tribute

Charles Rutherford Greenlaw


Conducted the most extensive genealogical research ever undertaken on the Greenlaw Family. The genealogical charts which he complied on the Greenlaws provided the data on which the Greenlaw Family Association's genealogical research is based. His important research was continued by his son, the late Colin Torrey Greenlaw, MD, who made significant contributions to the Greenlaw genealogical data.

Greenlaw Sisters 1946 In Memoriam - The Greenlaw Sisters

Elsie Adeline Greenlaw (Holmes)

Alma A. Greenlaw (McLean)

Zenobia Ann Greenlaw (Blois)

We do not hear your music anymore, but the melody will always linger in our hearts.

F. Eileen "F.E." McConvey (1943-2006)

In Memoriam

F. Eileen "F.E." McConvey


Charter Member of the Board of Directors of the Greenlaw Family Association who passed away September 5, 2006 - journalist, photographer, researcher, genealogist, mother, grandmother, and valued friend to many.

God didn't promise a quiet journey, only a safe arrival.