About Us

Greenlaw Coat Of ArmsThe Greenlaw Family Association is a non-profit family association founded in 2004 as a result of ongoing interest from the 2003 celebrations commemorating the 250th anniversary of the arrival of William and Jane Greenlaw in North America in 1753. While those events focused on the descendants of William and Jane Greenlaw, the Greenlaw Family Association was formed to include ALL Greenlaws, Greenlaw descendants, those related to the Greenlaw Family,or who have an interest in the Greenlaw Family in North America, regardless of their specific ancestry. All are invited and encouraged to join and participate.

The Board of Directors of the Greenlaw Family Association is pleased to present to you herewith the historical and genealogical information on the following pages as well as information about ongoing family happenings and events. We invite you to participate and we hope this web site will become a central focal point for Greenlaws from all over North America.

The purposes of the Association, as stated in the organization's bylaws, are as follows:

    § To conduct, support, and promote research and study of the genealogy and history of the Greenlaw Family;

    § To preserve the heritage of the Greenlaw Family;

    § To promote awareness of family genealogy, history, and heritage among the members of the Greenlaw Family;

    § To strengthen and promote fellowship and kinship among Greenlaws and extended family through reunions, educational program, and related activities; and

    § To publish and distribute periodic newsletters and other material relating to the heritage of the Greenlaw Family.