American Greenlaw Tartan©

American Greenlaw Tartan©The “American Greenlaw Tartan©” was designed and produced as part of the commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the arrival of the Greenlaws on the shores of North America after having set sail from Greenock, Scotland.The 250th Anniversary commemoration was held in Brunswick, Maine, in August of 2003. The Greenlaws are a sept or family of the Home Clan and as such are entitled to wear the Home Clan tartan.

Now American Greenlaws in Canada and United States have a tartan bearing our own family name we can wear, in addition to that of the Home Clan. Produced in the spring of 2003, the cloth is woven in what is known as the Ancient colors. Most tartans are produced in the Ancient (medium hues) and Modern (darker hues) versions and some, like the Home Clan Tartan, even have a hunting version. Usually the Modern or darker hues are more formal. Our American Greenlaw Tartan© is of the highest quality and is woven at what Kilt and Sashwe think is the finest weaving establishment in Scotland, the Lochcarron Mills of Scotland in Galashiels.

Before being adopted for the Greenlaws, the proposed design was researched against the International Tartan Index by the Scottish Tartans Authority in Scotland to ensure that the design is unique from that of any other tartan. The American Greenlaw Tartan© has been formally recorded with the Scottish Tartans Authority and is copyrighted. The pattern is protected and restricted by the association which has sole authority to regulate its production.

Our beautiful Greenlaw tartan was designed to show its evolution from the Home Clan tartan with which the Greenlaws have so long identified. It does however uniquely represent the Greenlaw Family with its basic green complimented with Lindsay red, royal blue, and black. It is available in the all purpose medium weight and the heavy weight which is used for heavy weight men’s kilts and upholstery.

The American Greenlaw Tartan© and its tartan products can be ordered only from the Greenlaw Family Association. All proceeds go to supporting the Association.

Tartan From The Bolt

Tartan Chair- Heavy weight (16 oz.), worsted, 54" wide @ $85.00 yd. (l yd. minimum)

In addition, odd lengths of tartan material, left over from item production, are available. Inquiry regarding yardage and price may be made via email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or by regular mail.

To place an order for any item listed above or for tartan yardage, please make check payable to Greenlaw Family Association. Forward with your order, name and address to: Barbara L. Britton, 104 West Upper Ferry Road, West Trenton, N. J. 08628. For orders from Canada: The dollar amount must be in U.S. dollars and have a 9-digit routing number on the bank money order.

All tartan material and tartan items are held by Lauren Holston (Greenlaw) in Sebago, Maine who agreed to be the "Keeper of the Tartan." The mailing costs for tartan material and/or items will be sent to the recipient by Lauren at the time of shipment.