Commemorates the 260th Anniversary of the Greenlaw Family’s arrival in North America 1753-2013

To celebrate our common heritage, join us for this exciting event in
Deer Isle, Maine
September 6-8, 2013

Now, later this year, on September 6-8, 2013 in Deer Isle, Maine, the Greenlaw Family Reunion will bring Greenlaw “cousins” back to the place where many of our ancestors settled, where they lived and worked for over twenty years. In this island environment, we will learn and understand more about our ancestors as real people, rather than people with unfamiliar names who reside in our genealogical files.We will explore our heritage and celebrate our Scottish roots. We will renew old friendships and establish new ones, adding “twigs” and“branches” to our family tree.

We will share genealogy, learn Greenlaw history, dine on lobster and clams, meet ”cousins” from near and far, appreciate the beauty of the Island, listen to Scottish music and song, pay respects at an ancestor’s grave, show gratitude!

Deadline for Banquet Registration is August 30, 2013

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This year, 2013, marks the 260th Anniversary of William and Jane Greenlaw and their family in America.  In the summer of 1753, they left Greenock, Scotland, the 18th century port area for the western part of Scotland, and sailed across the Atlantic, landing near the present town of Warren, Maine (then a district of Massachusetts). By 1762, William Greenlaw and four of his six sons had traveled northward and settled on Deer Isle, one of the Island's first founding families.

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The 2008 Greenlaw Family Association Reunion was held in conjunction with the 27th New Brunswick Highland Games and Scottish Festival in Fredericton. The Home Clan, of which the Greenlaw Family is a sept, was the Honored Clan at the Games.

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